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Barham Boardwalk Project

Regular working bees are happening again on the Barham Redgum Board walk.

All the boardwalk builders are volunteers, who are focussed on getting the project finished.

Recent progress has included re-planking the walkway out onto the river and extending the bearers up to the edge of the Roads and Maritime Services bridgework barriers.

The next stage will be placing red gum joists on the bearers, followed finally by the top decking and landscaping.

As well as developing the under bridge walk way, linking the two Barham Riverside Parks, the Roads and Maritime Services  have also offered to provide large section timber seating at various points along the boardwalk, on its completion.

The organisers- Barham Consolidated Inc. Boardwalk Committee – would welcome anyone who wants to support this project and lend a hand.

“You don’t need to bring tools. We have all that on site. All you need is some enthusiasm and some energy!  And there are lots of ways of helping. Rhonda Rathje often brings us a picnic lunch to share which we all love. The generosity of locals and the local timber industry  just blows you away. It’s a very satisfying project to be part of” says Marty Cincotta.

Anthony Jackson usually reminds people via text  during the week if there is a working bee on the Sunday. The working bees usually start at 10am and finish about  2pm.

If you are interested in helping in any way  or have questions, feel free to call Anthony (0427533097) or Marty (0418509759). Your support will be valued.

Photo Competition

This highly successful photographic competition offers a prize pool of nearly $4000 with $500 being awarded to the overall best photograph. There are 5 photographic categories and this year for the second time video has been included. Photographs must be taken with-in a 100 kilometre radius of Barham Koondrook.

You can enter either online or in person.

On-line: at $10 per entry.

In Person: drop your printed copy of your photo or video with a digital copy your entry form and $5 entry fee into the Barham Bakery. Mellool St Barham.


Barham Koondrook - The heart of the back Roads Trail

Welcome to the Barham Koondrook region !

– an area pivotal in Australia’s development. The Backroads Trail, with its signposted interpretive sites, allows you to see how we have lived on and shaped this land from Dreamtime prehistory to the present day. The Backroads Trail weaves together the themes of heritage, environment, food, wine and culture in an informed and user-friendly way. You’ll not only stand on the sites where history was made – you’ll be delighted by small businesses all along the way offering you delicious produce, a comfy bed for the night, and extra attractions such as stunning sculptures, leafy bushland walks and relaxing river cruises. You need to get off the highway to see us – but we will open your eyes.