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Barham Avocados is a fourth-generation family business, based on an 800-hectare farm – Horseshoe Bend – which is located just outside the small town of Barham, NSW. The farm was Katrina’s parents farm and now Katrina and her husband, Tim, with their young family in tow, lovingly tend to the same paddocks that four generations of Katrina’s family have cared for before them. Tim and Katrina’s hands-on approach to farming, their knowledge of the land and their family’s heritage can be seen in the quality of their fruit – Barham Avocados’ avos are the most delicious ones around!

Barham Avocados grow four varieties of yummy avos at Horseshoe Bend. All are pesticide-free, and picked and packed by hand. Avocado season starts in June or July when you can say ¡Hola! to the Mexican varieties. The Bacon – smooth-skinned, pea-green and nutty-flavoured – is the first cab off the rank, followed by the slender-necked Fuerte in July or August. The familiar rich-tasting Hass, with its rough, dark green skin that deepens to royal purple as it ripens, is generally available during October and November, and then the farm’s specialty: the creamy, emu egg-shaped Reed sees you through the rest of summer for January and February. Recently Tim and Katrina also started making their own cold-pressed avocado oil, perfect to use for cooking and in dressings and also topically as a beauty product.


Our address

Horseshoe Bend Gonn Rd Barham NSW 2732
-35.5598945, 144.124635
0428 475 442

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