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Barham Avocados grow four varieties of yummy avos at Horseshoe Bend. All are pesticide-free, and picked and packed by hand. Avocado season starts in June or July when you can say ¡Hola! to the Mexican varieties. The Bacon – smooth-skinned, pea-green and nutty-flavoured – is the first cab off the rank, followed by the slender-necked Fuerte in July or August. The familiar rich-tasting Hass, with its rough, dark green skin that deepens to royal purple as it ripens, is generally available during October and November, and then the farm’s specialty: the creamy, emu egg-shaped Reed sees you through the rest of summer for January and February. Recently Tim and Katrina also started making their own cold-pressed avocado oil, perfect to use for cooking and in dressings and also topically as a beauty product.

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